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Offered via the University of California.

In partnership with Slamdance.

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We’re reinventing film and media learning, building a new way to tell your stories onscreen for the way we communicate now — and into the future.

Our introductory course, Directors and Actors: Casting! is immersive, experiential learning, and you’ll receive 3 credits from University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education.

Directors & Actors: Casting!

Demystify the casting process. Directors will learn how to attract the best actors and become a coveted actor’s director. Actors will learn how to become top-of-mind and a sought-after director’s actor.


In Partnership With UC Irvine

We honored to be offering our program through the University of California, Irvine Continuing Education. UCI is an accredited top-10 public university in the United States, which will provide you a highly prestigious institution to kickstart your film and media career, or to take it to a higher level. Click below to register for Directors & Actors: Casting!

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The Slamdance Film Festival is an annual showcase for filmmakers … and by filmmakers. They have been focusing on emerging artists and low-budget independent film since 1995. 



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