3 Laws of MediaU

The 3 Laws of MediaU

MediaU operates by three laws. These are laws — higher than governing principles. Access Is Access Access must be complete to be access. To show someone the door but not open it — that is not access. To invite someone …

hands together

Stop Asian Hate. Stand Together.

MediaU stands in solidarity with the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. There is no place for bias, hate speech, hate crimes, acts of violence, or discrimination of any kind. We commit to engage with these issues deeply by …

MediaU Experience

The MediaU Experience

How will you experience MediaU?   We’ll reach out to you where you are.   Enroll at Videos and podcasts take you into the action. Behind-the-scenes experts break it down. Do real work on your own and with your …


Those We Serve

MediaU exists to be of service. For Learners For Learners at the beginnings of careers or already working as content creators, MediaU provides access, expert-level mentoring, and skills-based training that is focused toward workforce employment and the gig economy. As …


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