We Are Resilience

We Are The Resilience

Doomsayers worked overtime telling us that Coronavirus will mean the end of cinemas, media production can’t recover, and the future is grim. They are wrong. Because we have been here before. Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Theda Barra, Juan Glize, Charlie …


3 Self-Tape Mistakes for Actors to Avoid

Casting Directors are highly skilled and work tirelessly to give actors a chance to read in front of directors. They view hundreds and sometimes thousands of self-tapes and audition readings every week. Assessing actors? skills, choices and fit for roles …

Group of diverse friends playing game on mobile phone

Story Secret: Insider’s Tactic for Getting a Great Third Act

Back in the day when films had sprocket holes and were shot on long strips of celluloid, movies were packaged in reels and sent to cinemas. A reel lasted about 10 minutes, and a whole movie would take up between …


The Perfect Marriage: Documentaries and Non-Profits

On one Tuesday not too long ago, when the lights rose, vigorous applause heralded a milestone for our documentary A Plastic Ocean because this was a milestone audience. We were screening at the United Nations, for more than 600 delegates, …


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