Beautiful woman operating a video camera rig

5 Essentials Film School Won’t Teach You (But “Doing By Doing” Will)

We all have the means to shoot, edit, and upload content, but just because we can do it doesn’t make us all film and mediamakers. Just as having a word processor doesn’t make us all writers. Or having feet doesn’t …


What’s the Least Expensive Way to Give Your Film Style?

When you’re making a film or media project on a budget, you want it to look great — but you never have enough money to get all visual elements you want just the way you want the. Sets, locations, construction …

UCI Applied Innovation at The Cove

This One Editing Trick Will Save You a Ton of Time

You’ve just finished your first day of shooting. It went great! Both cameras were working, you pulled off 20 set-ups, and you made your day. You download your memory cards on your main drive, then back it up on your …


Black Lives Matter

George Floyd is the latest in a long line of black men and women who have been murdered by the police. This has gone on for far too long, and it must end. Now. No more platitudes, no more empty …


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