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Featured Course:

The Marketing & Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers

This course covers everything from features and documentaries to marketing short films. You’ll learn from Hollywood movie marketing executives how to build the toolkit you need to make your film successful and reach your widest target audience.

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What People Are Saying

Very helpful for filmmakers. I wish I had taken this course before I made my first feature film, because it was a long journey to figure out distribution and marketing by myself.


There’s a lot of useful strategies this course gives that should be done before the filmmaker shoots their film.


Super inspiring insights on how to approach marketing and distribution.


[The course] covered everything I wanted!


MediaU meets filmmakers’ needs and helps us navigate the exciting filmmaking world.


It was more than I might have anticipated—in a wonderful way!


OMG! Pumped! Really loved all the information. I did nerdily dance about when I started the course because I got so pumped. I wrote furious notes.


Very useful, practical, and detailed.


Marketing can be such a broad topic, and this course really breaks it down into specific steps along the way.


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You can’t talk about money in filmmaking without talking about budget. You need one to do just about everything for your film, including raising the financing to shoot it in the first place. So, where do you start?


You’ve got your script locked, and if you’re really lucky, you even have some exciting attachments (besides yourself of course). Now you’re thinking, “What do I have to do to get financiers to show me the money?!” One of the most important things you need to do is ask. But


The concept of working with unions can strike fear into an indie filmmaker’s heart, fears like: It’s complicated to make a union film. I’ll never understand the rules. I can’t afford it. Your project deserves professional actors to bring it to life and going union is how you’re going to

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