Marketing & Distribution Roadmap For Independent Filmmakers – Premium

Welcome to the Marketing & Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers – Premium!

You’re in for the ride of your life — and we’ve got the roadmap that will take your film career to places that, until this point, you’ve only dreamed of.

Throughout this journey, our team of MediaU mentors will take you step-by-step through the entire process of marketing and distributing your film. Remember, the entire course is prerecorded — so you can study at your own pace and really take the time to absorb all of the content. 

Before you get started, download all of the course materials so you can have them handy as you go through the course. As you complete each lesson, you will receive a special badge of completion and a checkmark will appear next to the lesson in the Course Content menu. You can go back and rewatch previous lessons as you wish, but don’t skip ahead! Even if there’s a topic you think you have mastered, each lesson builds upon the last and offers invaluable information that you don’t want to miss!

Now, to kick things off, click on “Intro” in the Course Content menu and let’s get started!

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What People Are Saying

Very helpful for filmmakers. I wish I had taken this course before I made my first feature film, because it was a long journey to figure out distribution and marketing by myself.


There’s a lot of useful strategies this course gives that should be done before the filmmaker shoots their film.


Super inspiring insights on how to approach marketing and distribution.


[The course] covered everything I wanted!


MediaU meets filmmakers’ needs and helps us navigate the exciting filmmaking world.


It was more than I might have anticipated—in a wonderful way!


OMG! Pumped! Really loved all the information. I did nerdily dance about when I started the course because I got so pumped. I wrote furious notes.


Very useful, practical, and detailed.


Marketing can be such a broad topic, and this course really breaks it down into specific steps along the way.


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