(B) Builder/ Maker/ Fixer

(G) Independent worker

(I) Freelancer

BGI: You are a builder, maker and fixer who prefers lots of creative autonomy in your job and you’re okay with some unpredictability in your work.

You are a builder, a maker, a fixer, a creator. You love to be in motion (no desk job for you)! You are someone who makes stuff with your hands and you’re really good at it. Making stuff might mean furniture, fashion, models or cakes – but the bottom line is that when someone leaves you alone with your tools and supplies, beautiful things happen.

In your work, you love it when someone says, “here’s a problem, no go figure out how to solve it.” You’re a creative problem-solver and you like open-ended assignments where you have the freedom to do it your way. You are the ultimate “self-starter.” You are happy to show up everyday and define the work that needs to be done and in what order. You’re really good at being your own boss.  

In terms of your job, you’re comfortable with some uncertainty. You don’t mind working really hard and then having periods of time where you’re not working (enjoying life) and looking for your next gig. You actually like the thrill of starting over with a new project and team of people.

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