(C) Artist/Creative

(F) Task-oriented

(I) Freelancer

CFI: You are a super creative who prefers specific direction and you’re okay with some unpredictability in your work.

You are a super creative. You see and recognize beauty and you know how to create it. Maybe you’re the person with the Instagram feed full of insanely beautiful photos. Maybe you have incredible taste in music, and everyone asks you make them playlists – including your own compositions. Maybe words are your forte and you write things that make people laugh, cry and see the world differently. Maybe you create visual art that will absolutely hang in museums someday, if it doesn’t already. Maybe you do all of this and more. The bottom line, is you are an artist. 

In your work, you prefer a clear set of tasks that you’re expected to perform. It makes you happy when you’re given clear direction and expectations. You know that if you perform well, there will be rewards, promotions or fame in your future. Let’s be honest, you’re competitive and you love accomplishing your goals. You’re a disciplined and ambitious person – you like to succeed, and you usually do.    

In terms of your job, you’re comfortable with some uncertainty. You don’t mind working really hard and then having periods of time where you’re not working (enjoying life) and looking for your next gig. You actually like the thrill of starting over with a new project and team of people.

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