EGI: You are a problem-solver who prefers lots of creative autonomy in your job and you’re okay with some unpredictability in your work

You are a problem-solver. You aren’t intimidated by a set of data, complex software or a big logistical challenge. You’re the master of calendars, itineraries and figuring out shortcuts to make big tasks go much smoother. You like order and logic, but you’re also incredibly creative. Maybe you’re great at math, complex analysis and financial models. Maybe you can learn and conquer whatever software or coding challenge that’s thrown at you. Maybe you’re a master of logistics and you can figure out the perfect schedule and plan to accomplish any project. Maybe you can do all of this! But bottom line, when there’s a huge, complex challenge and other people have no idea where to even begin, you do. You make order out of chaos, and you make it look easy.

In your work, you love it when someone says, “here’s a problem, no go figure out how to solve it.” You’re a creative problem-solver and you like open-ended assignments where you have the freedom to do it your way. You are the ultimate “self-starter.” You are happy to show up everyday and define the work that needs to be done and in what order. You’re really good at being your own boss.  

 In terms of your job, you’re comfortable with some uncertainty. You don’t mind working really hard and then having periods of time where you’re not working (enjoying life) and looking for your next gig. You actually like the thrill of starting over with a new project and team of people.

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