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NOW IS THE TIME is our free live interview series with industry pros from around the globe. You can join future live Zoom calls by registering to get on our list, or you can always watch the replay here. We’re dedicated to bringing you useful and valuable information to help you along your filmmaking journey.
Casting Director Jane Jenkins
Entrepreneur and Producer BK Fulton
Sharon Farber and Gev Miron: I’m Standing With You
Writer/Director Menelek Lumumba: One Angry Black Man
Director/Producer/Writer Michael D. Olmos
Songwriting Duo Mizer & Moore
Writer/Director Mirrah Foulkes: Judy & Punch
Writer/Director Esmé von Hoffman: Ovid and the Art of Love
Bjorn Lustic: Building real worlds in Minecraft
Berlanti Productions President David Madden with MediaU Founder Adam Leipzig
Filmmaker and MediaU Advisor Fernando Ferro with Chief Creative Officer Jordan Ancel

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