Get a Grip! – The Grip (with Krystina Figg & Nick Jacobs)

Krystina Figg has worked with some of the most notable directors in film today, including Quentin Tarantino on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Hateful Eight, Christopher Nolan on Tenet and Dunkirk, and Tom Ford on Nocturnal Animals. She got her start on The Bernie Mac Show and since then has worked on several big-budget and independent films. Krystina is also known far and wide as the ‘Badass Grip Girl!’

On My Creative Careers show this week, we talk with Krystina Figg, who shares the details of how she became interested in the film industry and how she kicked off her career in movies. She shares why she pivoted away from her first interest in animation and why it’s critical to get to know all aspects and departments on a film set when you’re starting out. Krystina also shares her insights on being a female grip and how staying open to advice and suggestions at the beginning of your career can help you in the long run.

“Always bring your A-game … we take a lot of pride in our work and in the way that we do things. When you do anything haphazardly, anybody can do it. But when you really have a passion and a love for it, and you move forward with every with everything you do, that it is a craft.”– Krystina Figg

“It’s the same way you get every Hollywood job — cultivating relationships.”– Tamika Lamison


Highlights This Week

  • What precisely a grip does on set to ensure the director gets the shots they need
  • How she got her start in the film industry
  • Krystina’s opinion on the pros and cons of being a woman in her role
  • Why being a grip is often an itinerant lifestyle
  • Her experience of working with Tom Ford on Nocturnal Animals
  • The importance of building relationships in the film industry
  • Krystina’s unique skills that make her invaluable on set
  • How Krystina ensures she hires a diverse crew
  • Advice for people who are interested in being successful as a grip



Krystina Figg on IMDB

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