Apply Now: Producer’s Assistant Bootcamp

The Lost Ones Needs a Producer’s Assistant
– Are You Ready to Be Hired?

Applications due September 16

Bootcamp is on Saturday September 18

Screenwriters: Brandon Robinson & Miles Kelly
Producers: Emerson Machtus, Fernando Ferro
Sales Agents: The Exchange, Brian O’Shea
Director: Ricardo De Montreiul
Shooting starts October 11, 2021

A Producer’s Assistant is NOT a set P.A.! As a Producer’s Assistant you won’t be hanging around the set with nothing to do except menial tasks. You will become the Producer’s right-hand person, helping to manage all aspects of a production, as an essential part of a film’s communication and production network. It’s also one of the great stepping-stone jobs in the industry.

The Lost Ones is a true indie movie with a budget under $5 million. The Lost Ones will be shooting in Bentonville, Arkansas (yes – the home of Walmart’s corporate headquarters!) and they’re looking for an excellent producer’s assistant. MediaU has created this special Producer’s Assistant Bootcamp to train you to apply for this job. At least one of the graduates of this Bootcamp WILL BE HIRED ON THIS PRODUCTION.

Your pay will be a minimum of $150 per workday for a total of 5 weeks.* On top of that MediaU will provide a $1000 bonus for your travel, food, and lodging. Shooting starts October 11.

If you are interested in this job, you must apply to this Producer’s Assistant Bootcamp. Enrollment will be strictly limited. Applicants who are selected will need to attend all 4 sessions and complete the final assessment, and then will be guaranteed an interview for The Lost Ones Producer’s Assistant position. At least one graduate from this Bootcamp will be hired. If you do a great job and you’re not selected for The Lost Ones, we will make introductions to other producers and productions that may be looking for a great Producer’s Assistant.

Tuition: $175. If you are accepted you will receive a payment link. There is a full money-back guarantee if you complete the Bootcamp and you’re not satisfied – see below.

You must be:

  • Legally able to be employed in the United States
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Covid-19 fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination
  • Able to attend all 4 sessions on Saturday, September 18 (from 9 am – 4pm PT/12 noon – 7 pm ET). Sessions will be over Zoom. There will be NO replays.
  • Proficient in Word, Outlook, Excel
  • Willing and able to join the production in Bentonville, Arkansas, for the dates starting no later than October 11 to November 3 if you are offered the job.

The Program

Saturday, September 18, 2021 

Session One 12 noon ET/9 am PT

  • The role of a Producer’s Assistant
  • Reading and understanding the production schedule
  • Reading and understanding the call sheet
  • Sides
  • Shot lists

Session Two 2 pm ET/11 am PT

  • The rhythms of production
  • What happens on a set
  • The set
  • Safety, health, Covid protocols
  • Hours, days, meals, meal penalties, prep and pre-rig, wrap, media storage and safety
  • Nomenclature and the vocabulary you need to know

Session Three 4 pm E/1 pm PT

  • Being the best producer’s assistant you can be
  • Knowing your producer
  • Thinking ahead
  • Serving the production
  • Knowing when to talk and when not to talk
  • Being everywhere while taking up zero space in the room

Session Four 6 pm ET/3 pm PT

  • Building your resume and professional profile
  • Your social media profile
  • Job interviews
  • Networking 
  • On set Networking: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Looking ahead

Your Faculty

Barbara Doyle is a producer, educator, and author. She is the former Chair of the Film Division at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, and Producing Program Coordinator and creator and director of Dodge College’s College to Career Program.

Brent Dones is a 15 year veteran producing riveting content for ABC, NBC, Fox, Disney, ESPN, VH1, MTV, Discovery, Oxygen, BET, Hulu & Netflix.

Jaime Roman  is an LA-based producer specializes in producing projects that balance the needs of production with inventive, story-focused narratives.

Adam Leipzig, MediaU’s CEO, has been a producer, distributor, or supervising executive on 35 films that have disrupted expectations, including A Plastic Ocean, March of the Penguins, God Grew Tired of Us, Amreeka, Kekexili: Mountain Patrol, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Dead Poets Society, and Titus.

Applications due September 16. Limited admissions. Apply here.

Full refund policy. At MediaU we believe 1000% in what we’re doing. What’s more, we 1000% believe in you. That said, we know that $175 can be a lot of money, and this is a new program, so we want you to have full confidence. Here is our full refund policy: If you complete this Bootcamp — attend all 4 sessions and do the final assessment — and you do not feel this Bootcamp has been worth it for you, let us know within 30 days after the end of the Bootcamp and we will refund your entire tuition. No push-back.

*Here is the fine print. The Lost Ones is shooting 5-day weeks; you will be paid for days worked; no per diem on days off. The current plan is for 24 paid work days for the Producer’s Assistant position — 6 paid days for prep and 18 paid days for production. The Lost Ones is not a production of MediaU, and they are responsible for the production and any changes to the schedule. If you get hired and you mess up, like on any production, they can fire you. So study hard and you won’t mess up!

Applications due September 16. Limited admissions. Apply here.


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