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My Creative Careers, hosts Tamika Lamison and Adam Leipzig draw on the hundreds of movies & TV shows they’ve worked on to open the doors of access through fun, funny, and deeply revealing interviews with award-winning movie & TV pros and emerging newcomers. 

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November 12, 2021

Welcome to My Creative Careers

My Creative Careers (because creative people never have only one career!) showcases the diversity of people, arts, and professions in the entertainment industry, and shares behind-the-scenes insights so listeners can deepen their knowledge and activate their aspirations. Produced by MediaU.com – your online career accelerator.

November 12, 2021

My Creative Careers – The Pilot Episode (with Tamika Lamison & Adam Leipzig)

On the My Creative Careers podcast, we are going to be talking to a vast range of people who have all kinds of careers in the film industry. But today we’ll start with a short introduction to us, your hosts Adam and Tamika, and give you a brief insight into how our own creative careers have developed over the years.

November 12, 2021

“Copy That!” – The 1st AD (with Star Victoria & Jada Merritt)

On the podcast this week we welcome Star Victoria. Star dives into what the role of the 1st AD involves, how it differs from the director’s job, and why it is such a key position in filmmaking. She discusses potential routes into becoming a 1st AD, the key skills and qualities needed, and gives tips and advice on getting a foot in the door. Star also shares her story of the experiences in her early life that brought her to take on behind-the-camera roles rather than pursue her initial passion for acting.

November 12, 2021

Are We What We Wear? – The Costume Designer (with Isis Mussenden & LaShell Gibbs)

Isis joins us to share her insights into character development and telling stories through clothes and costume. She discusses how she came to be the first costume designer credited on an animated film and describes the intricacies of what she does as a costume designer, particularly the differences between working with human actors versus animated characters. Isis also shares how she became interested in costume design and dives into the details of some of her favorite recent projects.

November 12, 2021

Hot Set! – The On-Set Dresser (with Eric Luling & Mack Smith)

On this episode of My Creative Careers, Eric discusses the differences between his role and the responsibilities of the Props Department and where it sometimes overlaps. He gives us the lowdown on how he got into the film business (spoiler – show up and be persistent) and how he subsequently progressed in his career. Eric also gives his advice and insights to people interested in building a creative career in his area of the industry.


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