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MediaU Bundle Course

Save money with our Bundle of all 5 Spotlight Courses! Learn the nuts and bolts of filmmaking from start to finish and beyond, whether you’ve got a documentary or narrative project.

Intro To Producing

You can’t talk about money in filmmaking without talking about budget. You need one to do just about everything for your film, including raising the financing to shoot it in the first place. So, where do you start?

How To Fundraise For Your Film

Need money to make your dream project and not sure where to start? Thinking about crowdfunding, but feeling uncomfortable about asking friends and family for money? Not sure which crowdfunding platform would be the best for your film or even how to get started?


Is there any better way to create the change you want to see in the world than to make a documentary? Maybe there is, but we think this is by far the most exciting. And if you have a camera and a topic that interests you, you can make one too! We’re here to show you how.

Finance Your Film: How & Now

You’ve got your script locked, and if you’re really lucky, you even have some exciting attachments (besides yourself of course). Now you’re thinking, “What do I have to do to get financiers to show me the money?!”

Working With SAG-AFTRA

The concept of working with unions can strike fear into an indie filmmaker’s heart, fears like: It’s complicated to make a union film. I’ll never understand the rules. I can’t afford it. Your project deserves professional actors to bring it to life and going union is how you’re going to sign them.

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