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Follow the challenges and triumphs of documentary filmmakers Curtis Chin (Tested) and Lisa France (Roll with Me) as they break down the process of making a documentary film, starting with a topic that touches you (and hopefully everyone) and ending with a raving audience.

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Is there any better way to create the change you want to see in the world than to make a documentary? Maybe there is, but we think this is by far the most exciting. And if you have a camera and a topic that interests you, you can make one too! We’re here to show you how.

This course follows the stories of two compelling and successful documentary filmmakers Curtis Chin (Tested) and Lisa France (Roll with Me) as they share the often heart-touching process that helped them get their films made, and even more importantly, seen.

They’ll walk you through everything they did, from how they found the topics they wanted to cover to how they raised financing to the (sometimes novel) distribution process that got their important films out there to audiences.

Topics include: The ‘why’ of making documentaries, financing, how challenges can create miracles, the creative and production process, distribution models, and screenings versus streaming.

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