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How To Fundraise For Your Film

Let Emily Best, founder of Seed & Spark, provide you with a detailed roadmap to take advantage of everything crowdfunding has to offer, including building an influential audience, attracting more money and free resources, and locking in distribution deals with ease.

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Need money to make your dream project and not sure where to start? Thinking about crowdfunding, but feeling uncomfortable about asking friends and family for money? Not sure which crowdfunding platform would be the best for your film or even how to get started?

Introducing Emily Best, founder of Seed & Spark, one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms out there. She’ll answer your burning questions (and ones you didn’t even know you had) and give you a roadmap for crowdfunding that will launch your project from concept to reality—and take you on the ride of your life in the process.

Emily discusses the surprising benefits of crowdfunding and how it could get you a distribution deal, and how to launch a successful campaign starting with a universal teaser that could get you into the New York Times and much more.

Topics include: essential audience engagement, power of storytelling, creating an expansive and more influential community, increasing negotiating power, getting distribution deals, and the most successful social media marketing campaigns.

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