Jordan Ancel


Jordan Ancel is an award-winning writer & director, serial entrepreneur, author, and artist with strong leadership skills and a commitment to inspiring success in others by providing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists with his unique brand of coaching and problem-solving.

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, startups, internet advertising, marketing, and branding, his profound understanding of these industries gives him the tools to conceive and execute high-concept ideas with great success.

He currently sits on the advisory board of the developing theme park, Game Nation, Inc.

Jordan consults CEOs entrepreneurs, and artists on creative direction, growth, product development, cause-based partnering, and Social Media Marketing. A partial list of clients includes The Actors Green Room, Smart Women Rising, Blu Jam Cafe Restaurant Group, True Remedies Beauty, Le French Butcher, Kettlebell Concepts, Inc., Adam Leipzig, among many others.

Previously, Jordan was integral in launching Amp’d Mobile, a cutting-edge multi-million dollar mobile entertainment company/MVNO/world-class e-commerce mobile media portal. He oversaw multiple teams, plus outside vendors, to produce the multi-million dollar website, including front-end design, back-end CMS, and original content by joint partners such as MTV, Warner Music, Sony Music, College Humor,, and BMI.

From Amp’d, Jordan joined 30sixty Advertising Director of New Media, a department he started, where he oversaw the production of online advertising campaigns for Paramount Pictures, Sony, Warner Bros., and HBO. He was also responsible for the creation and deployment of interactive games and websites to coincide with theatrical and DVD releases of feature films.

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