Thomas Ahneesan


Thomas Ahneesan (Santee Sioux, Dakota Nation) emerged from the cornfields of Iowa and pierced the cloud-forest of Seattle to began her life’s work as a musician, poet, curator and all-purpose rock n roll troublemaker. She writes creative nonfiction for Cultural Daily, coordinates sparkling poetry readings for Margin Shift and moonlights as a journalist for MediaU. She was featured by Forterra as one of the Pacific Northwest’s essential artists. She practices Lone-Wolfism; exploring the world from the far reaches of the Arctic Circle to the jungles of South America as a researcher & educator, flaming-heart-as-torch, gathering stories, scrolled in invisible ink— a tool for building new worlds.

Her poetry explores mixed-blood identity, the camaraderie that can found in poverty and intergenerational trauma with humor and tenderness. She is currently huddled in the hideout she built, affectionately dubbed “the Witch House” finishing her first manuscript entitled, RUIN EVERYTHING.

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