The 3 Laws of MediaU

MediaU operates by three laws. These are laws — higher than governing principles.

Access Is Access

Access must be complete to be access. To show someone the door but not open it — that is not access. To invite someone into the room but not talk with them –that is not access. To have someone in the room and render them invisible, hide information, not seek their input, not make space for them — that is not access. Access must be total. MediaU stands for access.

You Own You

This law has two meanings. As a content creator, you own your creativity. You own your intellectual property. It is your sacred right to protect and benefit from your work. Your work is your work, you control it, you and only you have the power to make contracts and agreements for it, and you deserve to be compensated for it.

This also means that your data is your data. We will protect your data as if it were our own, and we will not do anything with your data unless you explicitly give us permission. For example, if you are taking a course for university credits, we need to share your information with the university so you can receive your credits and get a transcript — and we will ask your permission to do that.

Our World Is Our World

We are responsible for the world we make here. Our community has standards and we believe in appropriate behavior. Respect. Trust. Appreciation of effort. Collaboration. Inclusion. Equity. Safety. Joy. We have zero tolerance for intolerance, bias, racism, sexism, othering, and we do not allow them on our platform or our interactions.

In the larger sense, as content creators the most important content we create is the world in which we live. By creating media on-screen we affect and create the world off-screen. We take this responsibility with humility and intention. Content creators are world creators, and we must make the world we want for ourselves, our communities, and for future generations.

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