The Mike Show Ep 3 – Kyla (notsoErudite)

Kyla aka notsoErudite is a counsellor, streamer, and content creator working on trying to establish a nuanced and reasonable space to talk about topics that matter to us most. Gender, dating, relationships, mental health, education, and sociocultural norms. (from notsoErudite’s Patreon ‘about’ section).

In this episode of The Mike Show, Michael and notsoErudite talk about her streamer origin story.  They touch on topics of mental health and relationships and the rare crossover of academia in the world of online content creation.  notsoErudite also talks about her dream to open a treatment center for troubled youth.

“My goal is I really want to promote good psychological information, promote good thinking, and talk about men’s mental health and dating relationship needs” – notsoErudite

I’ve heard some streamers say they try to never spend time in their community because they are worried its going to make things more parasocial.  Every community I’ve seen do that is usually infinitely more parasocial.” – notsoErudite

“Relationships are really really simple and really really messy because in my view you have two universes intersecting and trying to make things work…always be willing to try, and try to find another person who is also willing to try and somewhere in the midst of all that some sort of crazy thing happens and you find joy.” – notsoErudite


Highlights This Week:

  • notsoErudite and Mike talk about the origins of her streaming career after program directing a mental health program called MentalHelp.
  • notsoErudite touches on the nuance of how to balance a healthy relationship while also taking care of one’s own mental health.
  • notsoErudite talks about her favorite online content to consume: from science podcasts to Jubilee to John Oliver.
  • notsoErudite talks about how she has built a thriving and fun community on Discord and how she balances creating spicy content with educational information.
  • notsoErudite explains her future plans for her own education and how she might incorporate it into her streaming career.  She then touches on the challenges she has faced as a content creator.
  • notsoErudite touches on the debate space in streaming and how she started working with notable streamer, Destiny.
  • Mike and notsoErudite talk about parasocial relationships and the delicate balance of engaging with one’s fans.
  • notsoErudite wraps up the conversation by delivering some general dating advice and touches on why we should always strive to find that special someone.


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