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Those We Serve


Those We Serve

MediaU exists to be of service.

For Learners

For Learners at the beginnings of careers or already working as content creators, MediaU provides access, expert-level mentoring, and skills-based training that is focused toward workforce employment and the gig economy.

As a member of the MediaU learning community, you will experience training and mentoring from current working professionals, all online, all accelerated, all highly affordable.

Because creativity is in constant development, and technologies, audiences, even storytelling principles, continually evolve, MediaU offers a lifelong learning community. As a learner, you can start with free seminars and tips, move to single courses and certificate programs, then advanced certificate programs, then to a master’s program if that’s right for you. We will be rolling out these programs over time as we launch, and all will be affiliated with a prestige university so you can proudly list your credential on your resume.

For Colleges and Universities

MediaU is equipped to partner with excellent academic institutions worldwide. There is high student demand for film, television, and content creation courses, but these programs require a lot of resources and current subject-matter expertise. MediaU courses are all online – ready for the post-Covid-19 reality. For select colleges and universities, MediaU will offer a “Content Creation/Film School in a Box” taught by current working professionals with practical, behind-the-scenes, real-world career focus.

For Workforce Employers

From large streaming platforms to small, non-entertainment businesses, and everything in between, the expanding, omnipresent role of media in all facets of life requires trained people who can hit the ground running. Companies struggle to find well-trained people with the skills they need.

MediaU designs specific certificate programs to meet industry needs, then builds a direct bridge for top learners to jobs, internships, and trainee programs. We can launch a new program in 5 months or less – far faster than legacy institutions. MediaU will respond swiftly to industry demands, technology changes, and local market needs worldwide.

MediaU can also provide custom programs to train existing employees and contractors.

For Diversity

Diversity is a requirement for social justice and a business necessity. 48% of Gen Z is made up of people of color, the most diverse generation in America’s history and the first digital natives. To communicate to diverse people, businesses need diverse media-makers with top-level skills. Despite some baby steps, Hollywood has not come close to solving its diversity problem, and most students at traditional film schools are not diverse.

MediaU drives diversity by opening the talent pipeline with a scaled, global offering that will bring more diverse content creators into the equation. Our courses will be highly affordable (certificates are under $3500), kicking the floor from under the cost-barrier. Our facilitators will be diverse working professionals whose careers are aspirational and who offer vision and passion.


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